A family has a new annual tradition thanks to their 3-year-old daughter’s punny mistake.

Connecticut couple Kristin and Bill told the Huffington Post that their daughter recently asked them about New Year’s Eve traditions.

“This is the first year she has been really into holidays and cared about the meanings behind why we do what we do on them,” Kristen said.

Her parents explained how people celebrate New Year’s Eve.

“We told her we ‘toast to a new year’ and that she could have a special glass and special drink of apple cider for her toast,” said Kristen.

Later that evening after dinner, their daughter was clearly ready to start the celebration.

“She all of a sudden ran into the dining room where everyone was and very excitedly yelled, ‘Are we going to make toast now?!'” recalled Kristen.

The family chuckled at her adorable mistake, and happily obliged to her request. They made some toast, and along with the toddler, all six adults “toasted” to 2017.

The family says they plan to make it into an annual tradition.

3-year-old’s adorable New Year’s Eve mistake led to a hilarious new family tradition

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