A 14-year-old boy can’t drive yet, but he has already graduated from college with a degree in physics and is launching a career to become a world-class scientist.

Carson Huey-You enrolled at Texas Christian University when he was just 11 years old. He became the youngest person to ever graduate from TCU on Saturday.

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Huey-You said he learned a lot in his classes and learned a lot about himself along the way.

“When I used to get bad test scores or something like that, I would go home and be disappointed and think about, ‘Oh, I should have known this, I should have done way better,’ ” he told the Star-Telegram.

Now, he’s learned how to react to an unexpected result.

“I know better how to deal with that disappointment, knowing that I will bounce back,” said Huey-You.

In the future, he dreams of earning master’s and doctorate degrees, and he also hopes to teach.
14-year-old becomes youngest Texan Christian University graduate — he has big dreams for the future Video screenshot

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