FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Not very many 10-year-old girls have a heart as big as Abby Grubbs’.

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This year, Abby asked for Legos for her birthday, but not for herself. Instead, she collected the toys for kids battling cancer at Lutheran Children’s Hospital.

Abby knows all about the young patients’ pain; she recently won her fight with cancer and is now cancer-free, WANE reports.

To celebrate the end of her birthday and the end of her treatment, Abby had a birthday a party, and asked everyone to bring a pay-it-forward gift in the form of a Lego set.

As she hands out the Legos to sick patients at the hospital, she offers words of encouragement.

“I know it’s tough, but you’re going to make it and it’s okay if it hurts because the hurt will go away,” said Abby.

Hear from the inspiring girl in the video below:

10-year-old girl with huge heart does the sweetest thing ever for kids with cancer

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