The document that marked the end of Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s marriage is being put up for auction, and it details exactly what and how much Priscilla won in their settlement.

Described by auctioneers as “a fabulous piece of show business history,” it went up for sale in the United Kingdom on Saturday. Dated August 15, 1972, the document indicates the former couple agreed to divide up their belongings to avoid additional legal fees and “emotional stress.”

“Each of the 12 pages contains fascinating details and offers the reader a snapshot into the details and offers the reader a snapshot into the details involved between both parties that only legal documents can give,” auctioneer Henry Aldridge told said.

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Both Elvis and Priscilla signed the settlement, which awarded Priscilla half the income from their three homes located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California. Additionally, the music legend signed over his famous 1971 Mercedes Benz, his 1969 Cadillac Eldorado, a 1971 Harley Davidson motorcycle and $100,000 to his soon-to-be ex-wife.

Elvis and Priscilla married in 1967 when he was 32 years old and she was just 21. A year later, they welcomed their daughter Lisa Marie. A pre-sale estimate of the settlement is currently between $26,318 to $32,898.

Unfortunate circumstances and unhappy differences have arisen between the parties by reason of which they have lived separate and apart since February 23, 1972, and by reason of which they intend to dissolve their marriage,” the document details.

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We now know just how much Priscilla Presley won in her divorce from rock-n-roll husband Elvis AP Photo/File

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