Thomas Prado of Lubbock, Texas, was driving on Highway 183 when he saw a 94-year-old woman driving the wrong way on the highway.

He immediately knew he needed to help and jumped into action. The woman was driving full speed toward oncoming traffic. In the video Prado shared on Facebook, he can bee seen trying to speed in front of the woman’s car, getting out of his and waving for her to stop. When that didn’t work, he put his own life in danger by driving on the wrong side of the road in order to catch up with her.

Finally, he was able to to stop the woman. She told him she was heading to an 8am doctors appointment. It was 9am when Prado pulled her over.

“Moral of this all is[…] look after your elderly family, friends, or neighbor,” Prado wrote on his Facebook page. “I’m no hero, I’m a sinner and mistake maker like you but I saw the right thing to do and so can you!”

Police did not give the woman a ticket.

Texas man risks his life to save a 94-year-old woman driving the wrong way

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