Friday’s episode of “Blue Bloods” began with Danny experiencing problems at home as he argues with his son, who is clearly missing his late mother. He later arrives at the hospital to speak with a nurse who was assaulted by an ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend shows up to the hospital and threatens the nurse again, leading to Danny tackling and arresting him. Meanwhile, Jamie and Eddie are called to a movie theater, where a pregnant woman is in labor. Announcing that he’s “delivered babies before,” Jamie takes the lead.

After walking the woman through labor, Jamie helps her welcome her new baby boy, much to Eddie’s surprise. While discussing the possibility of having kids, Jamie reveals that he’s never actually delivered a baby before, and both agree they want to have children someday. At the office, Frank meets with Shelly Wayne, a woman who was recently arrested while trying to visit another woman in jail. She argues that ever since the woman told her a guard killed her friend, Wayne hasn’t been permitted back into the jail. Frank assures her he’ll reach out to the prison and find out what happened, but he’s not buying the story. At the police office, Danny encourages the nurse, Faith, to get an order of protection against her ex-boyfriend and gives her his phone number in case she needs to call him directly. She later calls him when someone, presumably the ex-boyfriend, is trying to run her off the road, and he tells her how to safely get to another nearby police station. Jamie and Eddie visit the woman with the baby’s home to speak with her husband, but he’s at work. While there, they notice the unsettling living conditions and consider reporting the home.

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Jamie comforts Faith at the police station, offering to take her home. Once there, he stays for a beer and the two chat. Faith reveals the she also has a late spouse and tells him her husband used to be a police officer. Frank discovers that the deceased inmate was found with bedsheets tied around her neck, and her death was ruled a suicide. However, the prison can’t locate the security footage from that day, and the correction officer has a history of sexual assault that was never investigated. He also finds out Shelly did a radio interview, in which she threw the NYPD under the bus for being complicit in the incident. At the hospital, Jamie informs the new parents that they’re house has been shut down.

When Danny confronts Erin about letting Faith’s attacker out of jail, she suggests that he’s letting the case affect him in a personal way. At family dinner, the Reagans discuss the unfortunate times when laws hurt good people, such as the woman with the baby. Frank asks Erin how much trouble Shelly could get in if she gets arrested again, and it doesn’t look good. Danny and Baez go to Faith’s ex-boyfriend’s house, and his internet search history suggests he’s at the hospital where Faith works. As Danny races to the hospital, the ex-boyfriend demands to see Faith, pulling out a gun and shooting a receptionist when she denies his request. Once there, Danny looks for the ex-boyfriend who has continued to shoot people in his path. As Faith tries to run to safety, her ex-boyfriend grabs her and holds her at gun point, forcing Danny to shoot him dead.

Frank confronts Shelly about her interview, but she’s able to show him how sometimes the system doesn’t always work and begs him to do more than just show up to her group’s events. Faith comes to the police station to thank Danny for saving her life. While there, she asks Danny on a date, but he tells her he’s not ready to move on just yet after his wife’s recent death. Eddie works out a deal to get the new parents and their baby an apartment. As a thank you for helping deliver the baby, they tell Jamie they named their child after him. However, they got him and Eddie’s names mixed up and actually named the baby Eddie. At a vigil, Shelly calls on Frank to speak. He shares a touching story about his eldest son Joe and Danny, hinting at the end that Joe has since passed away and earning some sympathy and understanding from Shelly.

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On “Blue Bloods,” a case hits Danny close to home, forcing him to reconcile with his wife’s death Twitter/Blue Bloods on CBS!

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