Joanna Gaines misplaced a Bible her dad had given her and thought she’d never see it again, but boy was she wrong. The “Fixer Upper” star recently recounted the touching story for she and husband Chip’s magazine “The Magnolia Journal.”

“This gift from my dad was his way of telling me, ‘You’ve got this.’ And I believed him.” she detailed how her father gifted her a bible embossed with her name with a sweet note written inside before she spent a semester of college in New York City. “I carried that Bible with me, in my bag, everywhere. Truly, I must have read that note a hundred times during those days.”

After she returned home to Texas, a dear friend asked if she could borrow the Bible for an upcoming mission trip to Boston. While she wanted to be a good friend, Gaines was hesitant about saying yes.

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“It had become one of my most valued possessions. I turned to it whenever I was feeling anxious or needed to be comforted,” she said adding that in the end, “I, of course, lent it to her.”

Her friend, however, confirmed Gaines’ worst fear and misplaced the book during her trip.

“I was devastated,” Gaines recalled. “Soon after, I bought an identical Bible and even had my dad write a similar note, but it wasn’t the same.”

Years later, she ran into an old friend who lived in Boston. While catching up, the friend asked her what her father calls her. When Gaines responded, “Jojo,” her friend said, “You’re not going to believe this.” The friend had apparently been tutoring a man who came across her old Bible and was touched by her father’s note. She was soon reunited with the beloved gift she thought was long gone.

“The fact that my dad’s letter, left behind hundreds of miles away found its way back to me continues to leave me awestruck,” she said. “I choose not to question or analyze it.”

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After losing a Bible from her dad, “Fixer Upper’s” Joanna Gaines proved miracles do happen Photo by Brian Ach/Invision/AP

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