Get ready to meet four teens who are probably smarter than all of us put together. They all made an Ivy League clean sweep getting accepted into all eight prestigious schools.

Munira Khalif from St. Paul, Minnesota, Harold Ekeh from New York,  Stefan Stoykov in Indianapolis and Victor Agbafe  from Wilmington North Carolina all have a tough choice to make between all eight Ivy League universities.

“I honestly didn’t believe it. It took a couple of days for the news to sink in,” said Munira Khalif.

All four of them either immigrated to this country or their parents did, and all attribute their success to their parents.

“She definitely works hard to provide for our family. The hard work that she does has inspired to me to work hard,” said Stoykov of his mother.

“Working hard and just doing her best so she could give us a good life. I’ve seen a lot of the sacrifices she’s given to us. She’s worked so hard for us,” said Agbafe said of his mother.


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