It all started with a tweet.

Madison O’Neill shared (now viral) screenshots chronicling the unique love story she shared with her new fiance, Chuck Dohrmann.

In 2015, O’Neill reached out on Twitter in search of a date to a wedding.

“Dude I’ll be your date to a wedding,” Dohrmann told O’Neill in a private message, responding to her general inquiry.

The wedding date must have gone quite well because Dohrmann eventually proposed to O’Neill a few weeks after two years of dating.

The couple went to the same high school, which may have helped their love story, but O’Neill made it very clear that she did not have eyes for him at the time. They also didn’t spend time together until after the tweet.

Dohrmann also revealed that the wedding date was so important to him, he called in sick to take off work.

And as it turns out, O’Neill’s tweets brought more than just a relationship together.

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(H/T Twitter)

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