A woman who went viral earlier this year for posing with a swarm of bees in her maternity shoot is sharing a devastating update about her pregnancy.

Emily Mueller wrote a post on Facebook explaining that her fourth child, a baby boy, was stillborn.

Muller, a beekeeper from Akron, Ohio, owns Mueller Honey Bee, a company that rescues honey bees, WKYC reports. She posed in an unconventional photo shoot earlier this year, covered in thousands of honey bees.

To stage the photo shoot, she held the queen in her hand and thousands of the bees swarmed to cover her bump.

In the devastating update Muller shared earlier this week, she explained she noticed something was wrong when she couldn’t feel the baby moving in her belly. At first, she didn’t think much of it.

“Who truly does when you’re this far along 3 times before and everything has been completely normal,” Muller wrote on Facebook. “By evening I began to realize I had not felt baby move much and had contractions that felt different than any I have had before.”

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The next day, Muller, her husband and her kids visited her doctor’s office to ease their worries. After several attempts, a nurse was unable to find the baby’s heartbeat and asked a doctor to come in.

“I remember his presence, his walk, the way he grabbed the gel from the nurse’s hand, the ultrasound,” wrote Muller. “Every detail of that moment is forever sketched into my mind and I cannot stop replaying it. Dr. Sutter sat on my right side looking at the screen and turned to me and said, ‘Your baby has passed.'”

She said she and her husband decided to leave the gender of the baby unknown until the baby’s arrival. After getting the news, they finally opened the envelope from the doctor’s office revealing the baby’s gender.

“Ryan, Cadyn and I opened the envelope together and learned we were having a sweet baby boy,” wrote Muller.

Muller has since laid baby boy Emersyn to rest.

Muller thanked people around the country for sending prayers and support to her family during this heartbreaking time.

“I can’t begin to say thank you for the outpour of love and support from so many people. Our lives have been changed forever in so many ways but I am realizing we are not the only ones suffering the loss of Emersyn. It is a profound experience to see how many people are mourning with us. Your prayers are what are getting us through and it means so unbelievably much to us,” wrote Muller.

Woman who went viral for bee maternity shoot shares heartbreaking update Ian Waldie/Getty Images

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