An Australian woman finally married the love of her life, and they didn’t even meet until after they had a child together.

Aminah Hart desperately wanted a child. At the age of 42, she was single and decided to use an anonymous sperm donor.

According to Metro, she was had previously lost two sons, Marlon and Louis, to the same genetic disorder when they were both less than 2-years-old.

Aminah underwent an IVF treatment using an anonymous donor. She says she was delighted and relieved after giving birth to a healthy baby girl, Leila, in 2012.

The advertising executive grew up without a father and decided she wanted Leila’s father to play a role in her life.

She was able to track down Scott Andersen, who told the donation clinic he would be open to meeting the child born from his sperm.

The couple met for the first time in Melbourne, Australia in 2013.

“It was much easier than I’d anticipated. I was nervous … I was walking in to meet a complete stranger and I had his genetic child in my arms,” Aminah said.

They were married by December 2015.

Aminah says Leila looks just like her father. She wrote a memoir, How I Met Your Father, chronicling her unique story.

According to the BBC, a film is currently in production.

Woman tracks down anonymous sperm donor, falls in love, marries him

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