A woman has reunited with a previous tenant of her home after uncovering a hidden message scrawled on a wall and covered up with wallpaper.

According to CBC, homeowner Donna Hurry was peeling off wallpaper inside her home on Prince Edward Island in Canada when she uncovered a handwritten message, scrawled in large letters across a wall.

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The message read,

In this Last Testimonial, I, Cyril Beverley Armstrong, do hereby state that this household was well pleased with this sound lodging. I, my father HB, mother EG, brothers Nigel and Michael, my sisters, Wendy, Daphne, and Heather also share in my opinions. I wish that this coming generation of family will also fully reach enjoyment here. It does my heart good to see an old home have precedence over a new one. Yours, Home Sweet Home.

Hurry said she was touched by the message on the wall.

“It was very sentimental to me that somebody took the time out and wrote that, when we love this place so much and you could tell that this person loved the house so much, too,” she said. “It really meant a lot.”

The CBC reports Hurry knew the home’s previous owners and reached out the man who penned the message 50 years ago.

Cyril Armstrong was just 15 when he scrawled the message on the wall.

“That would be typical of me. I couldn’t just say, ‘Date. Time. Cyril.’ No, I’d have to have this long sort of Shakespearean soliloquy stuck on the wall,” Armstrong said.

Hurry plans to preserve the message on the wall and has no intention of wallpapering or painting over it.

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