NEW YORK – A woman walking down the street spotted a toy store and decided to purchase every single toy inside, then donate them to her city’s less fortunate children.

Carol Suchman told NY1 she donates toys every year to kids in need. She recently passed by a toy and stationary store getting ready to go out of business, and she decided to take her generosity one step further.

She spoke to the store’s owner, and they struck a deal.

“We talked and negotiated and I bought the toy store,” said Suchman.

The thousands of toys, stuffed animals and school supplies inside were bagged and are now going to the city’s department of homeless services. From there, they will be distributed to hundreds of boys and girls.

“I realized a lot of foster kids get a lot of used things and I realized a lot of them probably never had a birthday gift that they actually wanted,” said Suchman.

Now, thanks to her generosity, those kids will have a gift to open over the holidays.

Woman buys toy store, donates everything to children in shelters

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