A woman left blind after an acid attack by a scorned admirer has found love at a hospital where she was recovering from the horrific incident.

Pramodini Roul, nicknamed Rani, was doused with acid on her way home from school in India when she was just 15 years old. Rani, now 25, told the Daily Mail a paramilitary soldier threw the corrosive liquid at her because she rejected a marriage proposal. The liquid severely burned the skin on her face and left her blind.

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Her widowed mother has been taking care of her ever since. Rani spend four years bedridden and has undergone various surgeries due to the attack. Years after the incident, doctors were finally able to restore vision to her left eye.

While recovering in the hospital, Rani met a man named Saroj Kumar Sahoo. He was friends with one of the nurses at the hospital and would visit often. He first met her mother, and then started visiting Rani everyday, hoping to boost her morale.

“Just as medication was required for the physical recovery I needed dire support and encouragement at the mental level,” Rani told the Daily Mail.

Rani’s recovery started to speed up. She attributes much of her healing to Saroj and his constant attentive care.

The two have been living together for about a year and plan to get married soon.

Rani has been working with the Chhanv Foundation, which provides support and care for acid attack survivors.

The Daily Mail reports the man responsible for the attack was never charged. The case was dismissed in 2012.

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