A Georgia man touched by a restaurant employee’s kindness has shared the message with the world.

Dallas Smith Jr., of Sylvester, was at Huddle House on S. Peterson Avenue in Douglas, Georgia on Wednesday around lunchtime, when he saw a customer trying to eat his pancakes with one hand.

He said the man who was dining with him moved his plate to reach out and help him, when a cook stepped in.

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“She was on the other side of the counter and she saw that he was trying to cut his pancakes and she said, ‘I’ll get it’,” Smith said.

Smith said the employee put down what she had and walked over to the table, which is when he had the thought to start recording a video with his phone.

“It was kind of a warm feeling in there anyway because everyone knows everybody,” Smith said. “It threw me so far off guard when she did it. For me, it was just a blessing to see.”

Smith said he posted the video on Facebook to share what he had witnessed with his friends and family. Since then, nearly 3,000 people have shared it.

“This day and time, when you see that, it gives you hope,” he said. “I’m a Christian and it’s the closest thing to Jesus I’ve seen in a long time.”

Smith said a family dining beside him told Smith the man is a veteran.

He said he is glad people are seeing the humble action the employee took, adding that we should help one another no matter race or age.

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