Warning: If you’re a mom, make sure you have tissues before watching.

Christian artist, Nichole Nordeman, released a new video called “Slow Down.” It quickly went viral because of a simple message all moms (and dads, but mostly moms) can relate to. Slow down… you’re growing up too quickly.

Nordeman tweeted that “lots of people I love” are in “Slow Down” and explained she wrote it for her son’s fifth grade graduation.

Nordeman shared with World Magazine that she had a time of slowing down – or stopping, really – in her own life, when, at the peak of her singing career, she felt God asking her to stop.

“I was a new mom. I know so many artists and friends of mine who are able to make those two worlds live together in tandem. They bring nannies on the road and they home school on the tour bus. That just never felt like a fit for me, and so I was subsequently not being a great artist or a great mom. …

I think God was so generous to continue to give me creative opportunities while I was home during that season where I wasn’t recording and I wasn’t touring, I wasn’t traveling. I was able to write a book. I was able to write songs for a project called The Story, 17 songs for a multi-artist collaboration. I don’t feel like I ever stopped fully creating. I just didn’t have to get on a tour bus or an airplane to do it.”

According to, Nordeman has now stepped back into her singing career, and it seems as though she is proving to be as popular as ever with music that reaches into the hearts of her listeners. As a mother who has given freely to her children, Nordeman has experienced the words she sings. And moms are responding to “Slow Down,” sharing their own thoughts about the precious lives entrusted to them.

“Slow down!” Mom shares heartbreaking message about motherhood

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