By Kimberly Richardson,

ATLANTA — You might remember the story of a Georgia woman, who was quite surprised to learn she was pregnant because her husband had had a vasectomy.

Well that couple has now welcomed their fourth child.

Back in August, Tim Brummel posted a video on YouTube about the couple’s unlikely pregnancy.

The video starts with Tim explaining how he surprised his wife, Rachel King Brummel. He said for a few days, she had been “acting pregnant,” feeling a bit nauseated, hungry and tired. They thought it was impossible, since Tim had recently undergone a vasectomy.

But when Tim called the doctor, he found out it was possible.

Before bed one night, he disabled the water in the house so that the toilets wouldn’t flush. The next morning, he tested Rachel’s urine in the toilet with a home pregnancy test when she wasn’t around.

He broke the news to her with a card, flowers and the positive test.

Tim says there are not too many secrets these days – and that he’s happy to announce their son was born on Feb. 23.

The delivery went smoothly and both mother and baby are healthy and doing well.

They named him Merrit Andrew Brummel.

“We had found out that the name Merrit meant ‘the little famous one’ and it just seemed to fit,” Tim said.

Tim said that even though Merrit may not have been in their plans, the couple is grateful for him and knows God has something special in store for him.

Vasectomy didn’t stop Georgia couple from having a baby anyway

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