This toddler will always stop whatever she’s doing to jam out to Marvin Gaye.

A video shared on Facebook shows little Brilynn crying until she hears the opening notes for Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On.”

She immediately stops crying and starts dancing to the rhythm. Mom Katherine Dees said Brilynn first saw the video on a Reese’s commercial.

“It just happened to catch her attention a few times, and the more it came on the TV the more she loved it,” Dees told the “Today” show. “She can be playing or even napping and she will stop everything, or wake up and stare at the TV, which leads to her shoulder shrugs and dancing.”

Dees shared the video to the Reese’s Facebook page with the simple caption, “She loves your commercial.”

Toddler stops mid-tantrum to jam out to Marvin Gaye

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