The way a gun control advocacy group is encouraging people to not buy guns is raising a lot of eyebrows.

It’s a project called, “Guns With History.”

The fake store was set up in Manhattan in a matter of hours, outfitted with cameras and stocked with mock-ups of weapons used in tragic shootings.

The employees weren’t there to sell guns; instead tell true stories about what people did with the guns.

For example, camera caught a prospective buyer checking out a hand gun. The man posing as a store worker explained, “It’s also a gun a 5 year old found in his parents’ bedroom when down and shot his five month old baby brother with.” Needless to say, the prospective buyers are shocked to hear the stories.

The encounters were put into a new public service announcement.

Leaders of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence say their PSA is a direct response to recent polls showing that more Americans believe having a gun at home is safer than not.

The National Rifle Association is condemning the video, saying in part, “It’s appalling that the gun control lobby exploits tragedy to further a political agenda. If gun safety was their main concern, they would use their resources to educate people about the safe and responsible use of firearms.”

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