Tim McGraw said he was always interested in acting, but it wasn’t until the perfect role came along that he took the plunge into a new venture.

McGraw said early on, he didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize his growing career in music.

“The worst thing you can do as a musician is to do something that makes you uncool. And go be bad in a movie can make you pretty uncool sometimes. So for me I was a little afraid of that.”

McGraw said he decided to test the waters with a small indie film called “Black Cloud.” That quickly led to another huge opportunity.

“It was my first experience doing it. And I’m so glad I did it because it wasn’t long after that that I got a chance to read a script called ‘Friday Night Lights,'” recalled McGraw. “I sat down one night and I read that script and I just completely thought, ‘I know that guy. I know who that guy is and I can play that guy.'”

McGraw has starred in numerous films since. His latest film, “The Shack” follows the story of Mack Phillips, played by Sam Worthington, whose youngest daughter is kidnapped and killed.

Tim McGraw has a role in the movie as Mack’s best friend, Willie. He said Octavia Spencer, who plays God in the film, was a perfect choice.

“I’ve met her in person a couple of times and she just glows. She just has such a beauty about her and an inner peace and rest about her. She just exudes that. I think she was just so perfect for this film.

“When I die and if I’m able to go to heaven, if I saw Octavia Spencer sitting there and say ‘Hello, welcome,’ I’m going to be a happy man,” laughed McGraw.

McGraw also produced an original song with his wife, Faith Hill, for the movie.

“We had the pain in the beginning of the song and then the redemption and the light and the beauty at the end with the choir and with Faith doing those majestic things that she was doing at the end of it,” said McGraw. “It was a lot of fun to go through that process.”

McGraw said being a part of the film helped inform his musical decision for the record.

“Knowing what the feeling was like on the set of the movie and sort of the thought process that everyone was going through about what this film was about and how it made you feel,” said McGraw. “I think everyone felt that on set.”

“The Shack” is playing in theaters now.

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