A dad’s viral Instagram post honoring his sick son is going viral for a heartwarming reason.

Robert Selby shared a selfie of him and his 3-year-old son, Chace, posing in black shorts. On their exposed stomachs, each has a feeding tube.

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Selby explained he glued one of his son’s feeding tubes to his stomach to match his son’s real one.

Selby said Chace sucked in his stomach, “trying to show off his abs like his daddy, but all you see are his little ribs.”

Chace was born with a congenital heart condition and now requires a feeding tube to get the nutrients he needs every day.

“But as long as I’m breathing,” wrote Selby, “I’ll always support my son and he’ll never be in a fight alone.”

The photo has since gone viral, getting more than 9,000 likes.

Selby told the Today Show that the photo he posted earlier this month is actually a year old, but he wanted to spread awareness to congenital heart defects and provide support to other parents who are going through the same thing.

“When everything was going on with Chace, I went online and it helped to see other parents who had gone through similar situations and were doing OK, to see their sons and daughters who grew up to be married at 21, 22. So if I can help even just one person a day, I’m doing my job,” said Selby.

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My (1 out of 💯) Mr. #stealyourheart #teamchace 🤴🏾 is sucking in his stomach, trying to show off his abs like his daddy but all you see are his little ribs. I just cut and glued one of his G-tube on me to show support for him and bring awareness. My son was born with a Congenital Heart Defect (#chd) called Tetralogy of Fallot (#tof) and he uses a Feeding-Tube to help with him being under weight due to him not eating orally as much as a baby. But as long as I'm breathing, I'll always support my son and he'll NEVER BE IN A FIGHT ALONE. 😊✊🏾 ⠀⠀⠀ #tloce #thelifeofchaceelijah #niafa #neverinafightalone ⠀⠀⠀ #tsrletmetellyou #congenitalheartdefect #chdwarrior #chdawareness #chdsurvivor #heartdefect #heartwarrior #heartsurgery #chd #tetralogyoffallot #tsrsickpick #openheartsurgery #tof #smib #gtube #feedingtubeawareness #openheartsurgery  #childrenshospital #daddyduties #cutskidsgotswag #dmv #artgaleri

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This super dad’s feeding tube matches his son’s: “He’ll never be in a fight alone” Instagram/@thelifeofchaceelijah

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