By Tricia Despres

As the passing days on the calendar continue to gather on the floor of our collective and already cramped minds, many Joey+Rory fans continue to wonder how Rory Feek is doing as he learns to live without the love of his life, Joey.

While life always seems to go on, we know instinctively that these days must still be tough for him.

So when we notice that Rory has written a new post on his blog, entitled This Life I Live, we instinctively want to see what he has to say about how he is doing and when we are going to see that sweet smile of that sweet daughter, Indiana.

In an April 26 blog, Rory updated fans about what him and Indiana have been up to, reminiscing on their visit to Kentucky’s “The Center for Courageous Kids,” which is a camp for children with special needs and their families. The two looked like they both had a wonderful time at the camp, whether their time was spent fishing or playing or just simply looking up to the sky.

“I found myself realizing that no matter how hard life seems sometimes, or how much pain and hurt we feel like we’re carrying around with us… God gives us ‘new eyes’ each day, and the opportunity to see the good in the life – to experience all the joy that He is trying to show us,” Rory writes. “I want to have the faith of a child and feel that kind of joy. And I want to be courageous like all the special little ones and parents at this camp… who take the difficult hand that God has dealt them and find every opportunity they can to turn it into something beautiful.”

This simple blog update is sure to warm the hearts of Joey+Rory fans everywhere

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