A mother and daughter in the United Kingdom say they “love getting plastic surgery together.”

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According to the video, when Kayla was just 11-years-old, she asked mom Georgina about getting a boob job.

“I was pleased that Kayla wanted to do it, wanted a boob job,” said Georgina. “I was glad. I wanted her to be like that.”

Kayla said that when she was 17-years-old, she started stripping to earn money and eventually found a sugar daddy to pay for hers and her mom’s surgeries.

Her mom says she doesn’t mind her daughter stripping for money.

“We’re living the dream,” said Georgina. “We look how we want to look and we’re having a good time.”

H/t People

This mother-daughter duo spent $86,000 on plastic surgery to ‘look how they want to look’

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