The father behind the flying boy phenomenon is at it again, this time with his 6-month-old son dressed as a leprechaun.

Adam Lawrence posts about his six kids on That Dad Blog.

He went viral last year after posting photos of his son, Wil, who has Down syndrome, flying.

Lawrence proudly says Wil has “an extra chromosome and the ability of flight.”

In preparation of St. Patrick’s Day, Lawrence explained the magic of leprechauns to his kids. Since then, he’s posted a series of photos showing his youngest son, Rockwell, dressed as a leprechaun, along with snippets summarizing the mischief he gets into.

Lawrence joked that Wil helped Rockwell make the costume.

And when it was finally done, Rockwell made a grand entrance into the house. Lawrence says he’s “not sure if the beard is real,” and Rockwell won’t let him get close enough to touch it.

Another photo shows Rockwell holding a can of spray paint near the family dog.

“Yesterday he told me our family wasn’t ‘green’ friendly,'” wrote Lawrence. “I thought he was referring to environmentally.”

Turns out, Rockwell can get very mischievous. One photo shows him standing on the family’s dryer, pouring green paint into the washing machine.

“When I opened the door he told me to calm down because he already had one load with green paint and it turned out fine,” wrote Lawrence.

Rockwell also modified his dad’s Air Jordan’s.

He even switched to an all-green diet.

Another photo shows Rockwell with a green paintbrush in hand. The house behind him is completely green.

The latest photo shows Rockwell’s older brother, Nik, duct taped to the wall.

“I got a kick hearing him tell Nik, ‘Don’t be messing with me pot of gold!'” wrote Lawrence.

This mischevious 6-month-old is ready for St. Patrick’s Day

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