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Edeka, the largest German supermarket corporation, released a holiday commercial that many are regarding as the “saddest Christmas ad you’ll ever see.”

In the commercial, an old man is seen preparing for the holiday season. He places family cards and other decorations around his house, while a voicemail plays in the background.

“Hello Daddy. It’s me. I just wanted to call and let you know that we can’t make it for Christmas this year. We’ll try again next year,” his daughter says in German.

The following scenes show the old man eating dinner alone with a Christmas tree in the background.

Then various family members receive notices of bad news, and they’re later seen mourning at what’s assumed to be the old man’s funeral.

It isn’t until the family visits the man’s house and he peeks out from behind the kitchen that they realize what he’s done.

“How else could I have brought you all together?” he asks.

Viewers took to social media, explaining that after watching the commercial, they were “an emotional wreck.”

Watch the full video below, and see it with English subtitles here.


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