A 9-year-old boy’s request to Santa this Christmas is melting hearts around the world.

Louis Williams, 9, wrote a note to Santa asking him for a permanent home for his family. According to the Metro, Louis and his family have been living in temporary housing since March.

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The family from Manchester, England became homeless when mom Nicola Williams started having trouble keeping up with rent. She was working two jobs as a trainee teacher and running her own business as a children’s party planner.

The letter read:

To Santa,

This ear for Christmas please can I have a forever home. I don’t want any new toys. I just want all my old toys that are in storage and I would like my own lego bedroom with a desk to build my models. Everyone is sad living here and I just want us to be happy again. Thank you have a lovely Christmas.

Love from,

Louis Williams

“I felt gutted reading his letter,” wrote Nicola. “It’s not right that all he’s asking for is a home for himself. Nobody asked him to write that, it’s just all he wants.”

According to the Metro, Louis wrote the letter after collapsing at school, overcome with the stress of the family’s living conditions.

“It winds me up because I work two jobs, I work really hard but just can’t afford the rent down here,” Nicola said, according to SWNS.

The Dartford Council, which helps families affected by homelessness, has not yet responded to requests for comment, according the SWNS.

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