You may not know his name, but you probably saw the stories about him. Deputy Constable Mark Diebold went viral not once, but twice.

Last year, he made headlines after helping deliver a baby along a Texas road. The family was so grateful for his help, they honored Diebold during a photo shoot of their newborn baby.

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Earlier this year, Diebold was part of Evelyn Hall’s first birthday photo shoot, sitting down with the toddler for a tea party. Photos from that day also went viral.

Now Diebold is in the news again, but this time there was no happy ending. The deputy was taking part in tactical team training when he suffered a heart attack. He was pronounced dead at an area hospital, ABCNews reported.

His death has rocked the sheriff’s office.

Caleb Hall, Evelyn’s father, posted a tribute to Diebold on his Facebook page a few hours after Diebold died. He said he wasn’t sure what to do to honor the officer who brought his daughter into the world, so he did what he called the “Mark Diebold memorial workout” to the song “I Need a Hero To Save Me Now.”

Cyndi Williams, the photographer who took the photos of Diebold and Evelyn also posted a tribute, saying that she was heartbroken over losing her friend.

Diebold was 48 years old and a 23-year veteran of the police force, ABCNews reported.

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