A couple is inspiring others after shedding nearly 400 pounds in two years.

Lexi and Danny Reed of Terra Haute, Indiana told ABC News that they were fed up with their lifestyle and decided to make a change.

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When their journey started, Lexi, now 27, weighed 485 pounds. Danny, now 29, weighed 280 pounds.

#throwbackthursday to when I married my #swolemate! @dannyreed5 loved me at 485lbs & never once asked me to change. Ofcourse he wanted me to be healthy, but he never pushed & that's why when I decided to change – we went on this journey together. To live a healthier longer life together & to be able to be parents one day was a great motivator. Wedding dress shopping for a size 34W was one of the worst experiences for me, and even though I was heavy – I still felt beautiful on my wedding day. It was one of the best days of my life & I wouldn't change a single thing. Surround yourself with those who lift you higher & see your soul, not just your looks. ❤ #weightloss #wedding #marriage #plussize #gym #fitchicks #fitcouple #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fit #fitness #effyourbeautystandards #plussize #obesetobeast #fattofit #indiana #goals #diet #love #transform #extremeweightloss #fitfam #weightlosstransformation #selflove #dietbet #husband #life

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Together, the couple has lost nearly 400 pounds. Their goal is to reach 400 by the new year.

#motivationmonday -392lbs 👇 combined since 1/1/16 with @dannyreed5! This journey started as a New Years Resolution like many other Americans to lose weight, but became so much more. We stepped in this same gym not knowing where the journey would take us, but determined to not stay in the same place. We had set the same resolution many times before, but we knew if we wanted to live a long life together we HAD to change. This journey was fueled by the feeling of being FEDUP with the life we were living & FEDUP with being prisoners in our own body. This journey was fueled by the hope to be parents one day and the mantra of "baby Reed 2016" carried us on during the days when our motivation was low, muscles weak, & we didn't know if we could continue. This may have started as a Resolution but through diet, exercise, & a lifestyle change – it became one of the greatests decisions we'd ever make and one of the most epic battles we'd ever face. Don't wait to the New Year to change your life. Decide you are FEDUP and ready to fight for your health – start today! #fit #fitness #swolemate #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #plussize #effyourbeautystandards #gym #gymlife #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #dietbet #fitcouple #transformation #transform #fattofit #obesetobeast #muscles #workout #extremeweightloss #diet #weightloss #weightlossjourney #anytimefitness #weightlosstransformation

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“I went from a size 28 to a size 10,” said Lexi.

“I went from a 46 all the way down to a 32,” said Danny.

And the couple says the did it all with no fancy diet plan, surgeries or pills. Just diet and exercise.

Lexi created an Instagram account to document their weight-loss journey. It now has more than 470,000 followers.

#motivationmonday -392lbs down since last year with diet/exercise. @dannyreed5 & I set a New Years Resolution to lose weight 1/1/2016. We had no idea that our life would change so drastically in a short period of time. We were fedup living a life on our couch. We knew there was more out there for us, and wanted to be parents one day. We found our 'WHY' and it motivated us on the days we thought we couldnt go any more. We found our 'WHY' and it guided us to our HOW. We found our 'WHY' and knew this journey was bigger than the two of us. We knew in order to be a family one day, grow old together, and to save our lives – we had to get healthy. We used the mantra 'baby reed 2016' and it pushed us harder than ever before. It pushed us to be great and reminded us of the life we wanted that wouldn't be possible if we didnt take the steps to change. Find your 'WHY' and let it guide you and fuel your fire. Dont wait for the new year – Start today! ——————————————————————————— DIETBET STARTS IN LESS THAN 1 WEEK! Fedup & ready to change? Time to finish 2017 with a healthy body! The Holidays are coming, are you ready? If youre ready to fight back this fall for your fitness, end 2017 strong & have a healthy HallowLean getting paid ro lose weight join our dietbet tribe & lets lose weight and reach our goals together! Join my Fall fight for fit HallowLEAN dietbet & lets get ready for all those fall events, costumes, and upcoming Holidays! Bet $30 you can lose 4% of your weight in a month & when you do split the pot with the other winners! Last month the pot was over $152K! Share tips, recipes, win money, plus giveaways from @proteinmilkshake, & more! Weve lost over 95,000lbs just this year! Link in bio or #obesetobeast #dietbet #fatgirlfedup #fedup #sweat #dance #goals #weightloss #gym #weightlossjourney #diet #extremeweightloss #swolemate #fitcouple #instafit #food #lowcarb #countingcalories #progress #plussize #effyourbeautystandardards #boots #fashion #weightlosstransformation #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #fattofit

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Lexi said the hardest part of the journey was changing her “relationship with food.” The couple had to stop eating out and start meal prepping so they could stick to their goals.

“When I was 485 pounds, I never cooked. My husband and I would go out to eat for almost every single meal and if we did cook at home, it was frozen pizza or anything else unhealthy. We found that by meal-prepping instead of relying on fast food, we were able to stick with our goals when we were at work. And by learning to cook our own meals we were in charge of what we were eating,” Lexi told ABC News. “We were willing to learn every single day of our journey and we also started using the gym as therapy instead of food. By changing our minds, habits and emotional triggers, we changed our lives.”

Meal prepped lunch today: grilled chicken & broccoli. Super easy, healthy, affordable, & basic. I also used Mrs. Dash no salt grilled chicken seasoning. Meal prepping has been one thing thats helped always keep me on track. When I would drive to work during the first week of my journey and passed all the easy fast food i'd stopped for previously i"d remind myself I already had my food for the day. Over time I didnt even pay attention to the strip of food places and enjoyed the food I took to work instead. This saved me MULTIPLE times! For those of you who dont know I dont follow a meal plan or certain diet, I just count calories. I still eat carbs daily and try to have all things in moderation! I use myfitnesspal and also log my food. I use smaller plates for portion control and also dont drink my calories. Find what works for YOU. I'll also be posting more food in my dietbet starting in the next few days! Link in bio or #food #chicken #protein #gains #diet #healthyeating #broccoli #fattofit #obesetobeast #fitfam #weightloss #weightlossjourney #progress #countingcalories #dietbet #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #gym #lowcarb #mealprep #foodprep #cleaneating #vegetables

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The couple also started hitting the gym five days a week. They said they’re happy to be taking care of themselves and look forward to making 2018 their healthiest year yet.

“There are no words to explain the feeling of saving your own life,” said Lexi.

#transformationtuesday -392👇 since @dannyreed5 & I set a New Years Resolution together 1/1/16. We didnt have a meal plan, surgery, personal trainer, but what we did have was each other & the motivation within to work hard every single day. We wanted to be parents in the future and live a longer life together. We had no idea that in just over a year 6 months we would be a completely different couple. We may have lost the weight but we have grown closer together. Pound by pound, step by step, day by day – we have transformed our lives and molded our bodies into the people we've always wanted to be. This man has been by my side for the last 10 years and treated me no different at 485lbs than he does at 182lbs. We all deserve to live a life we are in love with and have people around that make it worth living. We hope others will hear our story & decide not to give up! ——————————————————————————— Dietbet just started but you can join for 14 days after! Time to get back on track! Thanksgiving is over – dont let Thanksgiving stop your goals! Fedup & ready to change? Time to finish 2017 strong! Time to reset after thanksgiving, win money for christmas & rock those outfits when you see all your family! Lose weight, share tips/recipes, giveaways including fedup tees, $100 wardrobe, @proteinmilkshake protein, & get paid!  Link in bio or #goals #motivation #fit #fitfam #obesetobeast #weightloss #weightlossjourney #motivation #fattofit #fitcouple #dietbet #diet #selflove #plussize #effyourbeautystandards #fitspo  #countingcalories #motivation #fitness #gym #anytimefitness #fitspo #losingweight #weightlosstransformation #transform #gymlife #fitnessmotivation #diet #thickfit  #dietbet #fatgirlfedupsdietbet #extremeweightloss #anytimefitness

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