A singer’s impromptu performance at a thrift store has made her an instant sensation online.

Genavieve Linkowski, 18, was waiting for her mom to finish up her shopping at a Volunteers of American Thrift Shop in Michigan. People in the store gathered around the talented teen as she sang a version of “Better Man” by Little Big Town.

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Connie White Hanson posted the video to her Facebook page, where it quickly went viral.

“I was shopping at a thrift store in Flint, when I heard this incredible voice coming from the back of the store,” wrote Hanson.

People online praised Linkowski for her vocal skills.

Linkowski said she was overwhelmed at the response.

“I was definitely shocked and amazed,” the singer told WNEM-TV. “Really it means so much all of these sweet comments.”

Linkowski’s YouTube channel has more than 800 subscribers, and the singer uploaded a more polished version studio version of this same song after the overwhelming response to this viral video.

This teen stuns strangers with a surprise rendition of Little Big Town’s heartbreaking “Better Man” Video screenshot

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