DUBLIN, Ireland – A 15-year-old girl is keeping homeless people safe and warm and employing them all thanks to her genius invention.

According to The Mirror, Emily Duffy is an aspiring scientist who designed a waterproof, fireproof sleeping bag for people living on the streets.

She says she spent a day living the life of a homeless person, enduring the harsh weather.

That’s when she got the idea for the sleeping bag. The bags are lined with thick layer of fireproof bubble wrap that protects from flames and keeps users warm.

Reflective markings on the bag make it easy for others to spot, which is crucial for people sleeping in parks and in doorways. Velcro straps make it easy for people to get in and out of the sleeping bags.

Formerly homeless people are paid $10 per hour to make the bags.

Teen invents ‘life saving’ device for the homeless

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