Chris Hemsworth got a welcomed surprise after losing his wallet at a Los Angeles restaurant.

The Australian actor mistakenly left his wallet on a table in L.A. and thought for sure he would never see it again.

Little did he know a teenage found it. He was with his family, and immediately recognized the A-lister.

“I looked up at my mom and was like ‘Ma! Do you know who this it?'” 17-year-old Tristin Budzyn-Baker told Ellen Monday. “We found Thor’s wallet!”

Tristin and his family made a special trip to Ellen’s show to meet the star.

“I expected it was going to be empty, and all the cash was in there” Hemsworth said.

To thank Tristin for his honesty, Hemsworth gave Tristin all the cash in his wallet. He also got a $10,000 reward from Shutterfly.

Hemsworth even wrote a letter of recommendation for Tristin, who is a Boy Scout, for the Eagle Scout award.

Way to go, Tristin!

Teen finds Chris Hemsworth’s wallet, returns it, get $10,000 reward

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