Yakima, Wash. – A teenager wants to make sure all kids who experience a 911 situation has a toy to comfort them.

Allison Fay of Yakima, Washington has donated hundreds of stuffed animals to police officers. She hopes the officers will keep the toys in their squad cars so they can give them to kids traumatized after frightening events.

“I think it’s a really big deal to have something that they can hold and comfort them,” Fay told KIMA.

Fey collected over 500 stuffed animals with the help of elementary, middle and high school students.

The officer says the gesture means a lot to them too.

“Our officers come across a lot of real bad incidents that involve children,” said Police Chief Dominic Rizzi. “And anytime that we can build a bridge between law enforcement and the traumatic incident they went through that would actually give them an avenue of comforting, I think that is a great thing.”

Teen donates hundreds of stuffed animals so police can keep them in squad cars for traumatized kids

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