by: Theresa Seiger, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

A Florida teen who bought a winning $1 lottery scratch-off game from an Orlando grocery store last week claimed her prize: $500 every week for the rest of her life.

Florida Lottery officials said Daniela Leon Ruz, 18, decided to claim her winnings in annual payments of $26,000 for each year of her life. The winnings are guaranteed to be paid out for at least the next 20 years, officials said.

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Leon Ruz picked up a $1 scratch-off for the Florida Lottery’s $500 A Week For Life game at a Publix in Orlando. The odds of her claiming the game’s top prize were about 1 in 5.4 million.

The game was launched July 3. Overall odds to win any of the game’s prizes is about 1 in 5, officials said.

Teen buys $1 scratcher, wins $26K a year for life

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