The owner of a liquor store says two people trying to steal from him failed to realized that he has some pretty big friends who aren’t afraid to back him up.

Shane Ellis didn’t think twice about jumping in when his friend Minh Luu was in trouble.

“We work too hard for somebody to steal something from us,” said Ellis.

It all started when three men and a woman walked into Minh’s liquor store and took a large bottle of vodka.

“I said, ‘You steal food from my table for my kids. I want you to return that bottle back to the store,'” said store owner Minh Luu.

That’s when Shane, a 6-foot 2-inch former bouncer and bounty hunter, and the manager of the store next door, jumped in along with two other guys.

Shane and his buddies were able to take down two of the suspects until cops arrived. The other two got away.


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