MIAMISBURG, Ohio – Two high school students got the royal treatment at their homecoming dance all thanks to their fellow classmates, who clearly think they deserved every minute of it.

Xavier Atkinson and his friend, Rachel Goris, 17, were crowned homecoming king and queen at Miamisburg High School’s homecoming game in Ohio.

Atkinson’s sister, Xailey, started the movement to get her brother voted as homecoming king, WHIO reports. She sent out a tweet asking the senior class to get him to be a part of the parade by voting both Xavier and Rachel on to homecoming court.

But then, the senior class did even better: they voted the pair as homecoming king and queen.

“I feel like our community is definitely a lot more inclusive than it was at one point, and it’s really exciting to see how that works,” Xailey Atkinson said.

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