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JEKYLL ISLAND, Ga. – A Georgia couple can’t wait to return a ring that had been lost for 46 years before they found it on a beach.

Jaeson Smith posted a photo on Facebook of a high school class ring that his wife had found this week while walking along the shore of Jekyll Island.

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The ring is a 1969 Glynn Academy high school ring with the initials “KWW” in it.

The couple took the ring and after searching through an alumni page, the couple learned the ring belonged to Kenneth Williams, who was marked as deceased.

The couple then found Williams’ online obituary in the Brunswick News’ archives to find out that he died in 2009.

The Smiths were able to find and contact Williams’ son, Daniel Williams, on Facebook.

Daniel lives in Phenix City, Alabama, and his mother told him that in 1971 his father and her were swimming at a beach near Jekyll Island when his father lost his ring.

Daniel called Action News Jax after reading the story Saturday and is excited for the return of his father’s ring.

The Smiths said they plan to return the ring to its rightful owners next week.

Someone’s class ring missing for 46 years has been found Facebook / Jaeson Smith

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