A soldier is grateful to have her kids back in her arms after returning home to Hewitt, Texas, from a nine-month tour in Kuwait.

Sgt. Lacey Poltoratskiy surprised her son in kindergarten and daughter in seventh grade in two tear-jerking reunions.

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According to ABC News, Poltoratskiy visited her son, Daxton Hunter, in his kindergarten classroom. Teachers in Daxton’s classroom told the students they would have a special reading guest that afternoon.

Video shared by the Waco Tribune shows the kids eagerly awaiting the special visitor in their classroom. Moments later, Poltoratskiy enters, still dressed in her military uniform, and greets Daxton with open arms. He immediate bursts into tears.

Poltoratskiy told the Waco Tribune she was grateful to Daxton’s teachers, who sent her regular updates and videos of her son’s progress.

“Daxton’s teacher, she would send me videos and pictures and updates, so I got to keep up with the kids,” she said. “She would film him reading, because he learned to read while I was gone, so I still got to be part of that.”

Next, Poltoratskiy visited her daughter’s middle school. JaiceyBelle Hunter had no idea her mom was hiding inside the school mascot’s uniform.
“I was already crying in the mask,” said Poltoratskiy, according to ABC News. “JaiceyBelle likes the flair and the drama. I was excited because I knew the big surprise would resonate well. They arranged her to stand next to me, and I reached over and started poking on her and messing with her, because I couldn’t not with her that close.”
A school staff member gave a speech about community service before asking the school’s mascot to jump in with some wise words. That’s when Poltoratskiy took off her mask. JaiceyBelle started to cry and jumped into her arms.
Now that the whole family is back together, they plan on spending some much-needed time together. Poltoratskiy’s husband, Pavel Poltoratskiy, is also a soldier in the Army. He is now home from deployment as well. ABC News reports the children were living with their maternal grandparents while their parents were deployed.

“The kids have got it all figured out what they want to do with us,” said Poltoratskiy.

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