A skier is publicly thanking the man who saved his life after an accident left him hanging by his neck on a ski lift. The pair were invited to appear on Ellen to share their incredible story.

On January 4, Mickey and Richard were on a ski trip in Keystone, Colorado with a group of friends and met each other for the first time earlier in the day.

As Richard was getting off the ski lift, his backpack got stuck on the chair, leaving him handing by the neck.

“All of a sudden, I just remember my vision was constricting and that was it,” Richard said on Ellen. “That’s all I remember from it.”

Mickey, a professional slackliner, quickly jumped into action to save his life.

Watch them recount all the coincidences that led to the unbelievable rescue below:

So many coincidences led to this man saving a friend hanging from a ski lift

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