Ovella O’Neal is one proud momma!

The singer, working mom of six bought a billboard that hangs in Camden, New Jersey. It reads, “A mother can’t raise a man, but i raised a gentleman. We have the total package.” With it, a picture of her high school graduate, Aljelani Igwe, smiling.

“For the males to be respectful to women, that was the meaning for men and to try to break the barrier of single parenting and it starts at home,” said O’Neal.

O’Neal bought the billboard for $700 and it will stay up for several weeks.

O’Neal said she had to be strict with AJ and order for him to do the right thing in a city plagued with drugs, crime and low graduation rates.

“I’m very proud of my mom – that she was able to raise us all up as young adults and by herself basically,” said Aljelani Igwe.

He was accepted into Rowan University chemical engineering program and is thinking about joining Army ROTC in the fall.

Single working mom of six buys billboard to celebrate son’s graduation

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