A single mother of threein Areham, Massachusetts thought it was her lucky day when she won $200 on a scratch ticket.

But what she chose to do with the money made a homeless man feel like he won the jackpot.

Sofia Lorena wrote on Facebook that as soon as she realized she had won, she looked up and met Glenn. In the negative degree temperatures, Glenn was outside holding a sign asking for money.

Lorena took Glenn to Dunkin Donuts to buy him a coffee asked him where he would sleep that night in the cold. He told her he didn’t know, so she called every homeless shelter around to try to find a bed for Glenn.

With no luck, she decided to use the winnings from her good luck and put Glenn in a Wareham hotel for two nights.

Lorena posted the entire exchange on Facebook and told her friends that Glenn would be very grateful to anyone willing to donate leftovers or warm clothes. Then she gave his room number so people would know where to find him.

And did they ever.

Lorena’s post was shared hundreds of times. Her inbox was flooded with people trying to help Glenn, so she created a Gofundme page to “Help give Glenn a second chance.” That page has already received almost $6,000.

On the gofundme page she wrote, “As a single mom of 3 he made me realize that even when i think things are hard its nothing in compare to someone else. He has been homeless for 3 years and said on cold nights like the ones we have been having he curls up in his sleeping bag and if he has a tent that night and hopes me makes it till the morning. I’m hoping that we as a community can come together and give this man a second chance.”

Single mother of 3 won lottery, used money to help a homeless man

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