“The Catch” is joining ABC’s Thursday night lineup, and cast members say it’s the perfect way to close out Shondaland’s power night.

“What I like to say about ‘The Catch’ is after you’ve gone through ‘Grey’s’ and ‘Scandal’ and we arrive at ‘The Catch’ it’s like a kiss goodnight,” said Gina Torres, who joins the show this season. “It’s going to wrap you up in a great big hug and just kiss you goodnight.”

Mireille Enos, who plays Alice Vaughan, says the show is taking a lighter tone this season.

“What kept seeming to be true was the show was most alive in these moments of humor and levity and comedy,” said Enos. “So we took all most elements and really gave them gas in season 2.”

Sonya Walger, who plays Margot Bishop, agreed.

“I think it’s even sexier and… less procedural,” Walger, told Hot Topics. “It’s much more intertwines. It’s the same cast, but we’re all  in very different configurations, so you’ve got characters in scenes together that I think last season you would have foreseen.”

The cast said they had a blast shooting this season. Rose Rollins, who plays Valerie Anderson, said her pregnancy is presenting a new challenge for her this season.

“Pregnancy brain is not a joke,” laughed Rollins. “It’s kind of hilarious to the degree at which I forget my likes. And I would study extra hard, but oh my goodness.”

Jay Hayden who plays Danny Yoon said he also forgets his lines often but in his case he joked, “I just have a vaguely low intelligence.”

You can watch “The Catch” on ABC Thursdays at 10/9 central.

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