Scarlett Johansson says her baby helped her get out of the dark places she had to go mentally to get into character for “Ghost in the Shell.”

“I was still nursing at the time and I think that is the great equalizer when you peel off this suit, you know you’re like, this is the human experience. I was super thankful to have that,” Johansson told Hot Topics host Heather Catlin. 

“You have to leave work behind. You have to be present and grateful,” said Johansson.

Rupert Sanders directed the film. He joked saying he decided to helm the project for the money. In reality, he saw the original in art school and has always wanted to do a science fiction film. Steven Spielberg approached him about doing “Ghost in the Shell.”

“When he approached me and I started to kind of contemplate it I got more and more excited and couldn’t let it go,” said Sanders.

The movie is based on the internationally acclaimed Japanese Manga of the same name. Johansson stars as Major, a cyber-enhanced soldier devoted to stopping the world’s most dangerous criminals. She was told she was a human saved form a terrible crash but eventually learns her life was stolen. She stops at nothing to recover her past. Not only to discover who did this, but to stop them from doing it to someone else.


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