Savannah Guthrie took to Twitter this week after her toddler got into a bit of mischief.

Guthrie asked her fans for help after 2-year-old Vale got into some Vicks VaporRub and Aquaphor.

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“Dear Internet,” wrote Guthrie, “let’s say, hypothetically, your toddler put Aquaphor and Vicks VaporRub on her hair. How do we get it out?”

Parents quickly shared toddler hair horror stories of their own, ranging from suckers in the hair to personal haircuts.

She also got a lot of suggestions for getting the greasy mess out of Vale’s hair. In the end, the winner was Dawn dish soap.

Guthrie tweeted an update later.

“Dawn didn’t take all the grease ‘out of the way’ but helped. Just 44 more washes and we should be good,” wrote Guthrie.

Savannah Guthire turns to viewers for help with something all parents have faced Video screenshot / Today Show

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