By Tricia Despres 

So much of the story of Joey+Rory has been told through words. And there is no doubt that those words have had an undeniable and forever impact on all those who have read them. Yet, perhaps, it’s hearing the voice of the man who wrote all of those words that will hit you in the heart the most.

In a public memorial service for his dear wife Joey held on March 13, Rory Feek took the podium in the high school gymnasium where his dear wife once played volleyball to speak about the love given to him from this dear woman.

He spoke of the now infamous blog (“God has given us a great story to live”) and the love given to him by Joey (“she showed me love, a thousand times a day in a million kinds of ways.”) He spoke of luck (“I am an ordinary man given extraordinary love by this woman”) and the town of Alexandria, Ind. (“it’s where she took her first breath and where 40 years later, she took her last.”)

But perhaps the most emotional part of the eight-minute eulogy was the point where Rory donned Joey’s old high school jacket, wrapping it around him in an effort to feel her love encompass him just one more time. “It should have been me and not her,” he said of the conversation he had with Joey shortly before her death. “But she said to me ‘if it was you there, there would be no one to write about it.’ God has given us a great story.”

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