A man is honoring his new golden retriever puppy in an adorable photo shoot that will make your heart melt.

Davis Smith, 23, of Clemson, South Carolina recently welcomed a new puppy, Molly, into his life. He told ABC News that his family owned dogs since he was young, but he’s never felt this way about a puppy companion. He loves her so much, he wanted to document her puppy months by hiring a photographer.

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“I’m not even joking, when I have to discipline her, when I walk away, my heart’s broken,” Smith told ABC News.

Photographer Chasity Lollis said she was happy to snap photos of Molly and Davis, calling Molly “the cutest plop of puppy in existence.”

Davis shared the photos to Twitter, where they quickly went viral. He told ABC News he’s racked up a lot of data overages this month because of all the notifications he’s received. But none of that matters.

“She’s worth it,” he said.

Smith created an Instagram page for Molly. If you’d like to follow her, click here.

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