By Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk

WASHINGTON — A Washington, D.C.-area principal has a deal for her students.

Diana Smith, who is the principal at the Washington Latin Public Charter School, will pay raising eighth- and ninth-graders $100 each if they turn off electronics every Tuesday of summer vacation, WRC reported.

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Smith is using her own money for the reward and could be out about $16,000 if all of the students keep their televisions, video games and cellphones, or any other electronics, turned off.

She’s not just taking the students’ word that they’re disconnected. Two adults, over the age of 21, to sign off that they powered down, WRC reported.

Smith says she doesn’t expect more than 50 of the 160 eligible students to be able to meet the challenge.

Principal challenges students to limit screen time this summer, promises to pay them if they do Sandra Mu/Getty Images

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