Prince William said he has some important lessons to teach his son George after meeting a young girl who saved her mom’s life when she collapsed.

Prince William attended the Pride of Britain Awards earlier this week where he helped celebrate the country’s unsung heroes in emergency services, the Telegraph reports.

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The ceremony was held in London. While attending a pre-party reception, Prince William met young Suzie McCash, 5. She was being honored for calling emergency services when her mother collapsed and stopped breathing.

Prince William kneeled down to chat with the girl at the party. She explained what she did when her mom collapsed and the Duke was thoroughly impressed.

“I have a four-year-old called George and if I gave him a telephone, I do not know what he would do,” Prince William admitted to Suzie. “Do you know what? I’m going to have a conversation with my George about what you’ve done. It’s really important.”

Prince William also complimented the girl’s dress, saying, “My Charlotte would love that dress. Very pretty.”

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