LONDON – When he’s not fulfilling the responsibilities that come with being the future King of England, Prince William is helping the injured.

Prince William has been a pilot with the East Anglian Air Ambulance Charity since July.

He was recently deployed to help 37-year-old arborist, Jim Schembri, who was seriously injured when a branch fell on top of him. He dislocated a shoulder and hip.

Schembri said at first, he didn’t realize who was treating him.

“It wasn’t until they were actually loading me into the helicopter that it clicked,” Schembri told ITV. “I said, ‘Willsy better not be flying this thing.’ He turned around and said, ‘I’ve been holding your head for the last 30 minutes.'”

Prince William even visited him in the trauma room later.

The future king donates his entire salary to charity.

Prince William rescues man after tree limb crushes him

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