Police officers in Billings, Montana are getting into the holiday spirit by handing out free turkeys instead of tickets.

According to the Billings Gazzette, local businessman Steve Gountanis donated 20 turkeys to the Billings Police Department and asked for their help to distribute them to the community ahead of Thanksgiving.

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Traffic officers spent an afternoon last week pulling people over for minor traffic offenses like broken tail lights. After making sure there were no outstanding warrants for the driver, the police officers let them off with a warning and a free turkey.

“The individuals that received the warnings and the turkeys have been very happy,” Lieutenant Neil Lawrence told ABC News. “Our Facebook page has received a lot of positive comments regarding it. So far its been a very positive thing for the community.”

Officers told the Billings Gazzette one driver joked he needed another traffic violation so he could get another turkey for Christmas.

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