ST. LOUIS, Mo. – In her 102 years, Edie Simms has never seen the back of a police car. But on Friday, police “arrested” her at the 5 Star Senior Center in St. Louis, driving her to the police station in the back of a cruiser.

She told KTVI she loved every minute of it, handcuffs and all.

The fake arrest was something Simms wanted to cross off her bucket list. Once she arrived at the police station, she posed for photos and handed out hand-made socks and scarves.

She was back at the senior center by noon with all her friends, playing bingo and handing out socks and scarves with a wild story to tell.

“It’s a great world if you just open your eyes and look at it,” said Simms.

Police arrest 102-year-old woman, fulfilling her long-time bucket list wish

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